Keeping Your Pet Happy & Safe

When people are thinking about going on vacation one of the first things that a pet owner has to consider is what to do with their furry loved one. If taking your pet with you isn’t an option, the next best solution is to bring your cat or dog to La Crosse Animal Hospital for our boarding services.

We offer both cat and dog boarding for animals of all sizes, which means we accept all breeds. The only thing we require is that your animal must be up to date on all vaccinations to ensure both their safety as well as the safety of all of the other animals staying with us. Your happiness and the happiness of your pet is very important to us and we know that you are going to feel confident leaving your cat or dog at our kennel.

Offering High-Quality Pet Boarding

With both indoor cages and outdoor runs available, your pets are going to be able to get plenty of space to move around and stretch their legs when they stay with us. We even have a fenced-in backyard area where the dogs are allowed to get out and run and play for three to four times per day. This is a great opportunity to ensure your dog is getting exercise even when you aren’t there to play with them.

Worried that your dog is going to be lonely? At our dog boarding kennel, we provide a service that we call “lunch buddy time.” This is a service that ensures that your pet will get extra attention by being held and played with during the lunch hour. To further ensure the health and safety of your dog or cat, our kennel also has a veterinarian on staff that is ready to assist with any medical issues or emergencies.

Daily Doggy Day Care Services

Going on a day trip? Maybe you know that you are going to have an extra-long day at work? Well, our dog boarding center is proud to offer you a doggy day care program. This gives you a place to bring your furry loved one when he or she just needs somewhere to go for the day.

Some pets have anxiety when their owners leave them, so why not drop your pets off with us for the day so they are not along? This not only improves their well-being, but can also improve the condition of your home and belongings, depending on how you’re pet’s anxiety manifests.