House/Farm Calls

We understand that you desire to provide your horse with the best health care possible, but it’s not always convenient to do so. It can be difficult to load them in a trailer and transport them to the clinic–a problem that is compounded if they have specific needs that require them to be seen on a regular or frequent basis. To aid you with this, La Crosse offers house and farm calls.

Some of the pros of veterinary house and farm calls include:

  • It’s convenient, as you don’t have to worry about arranging transportation. You and your horse can remain comfortably on your farm and simply wait for the veterinarian to come to you.
  • It’s less stressful for pets who have a hard time visiting animal hospitals. Some horses and other pets become quite stressed and anxious about a trip to the veterinarian–so much so, in fact, that it can markedly affect their health and safety. When the veterinarian comes to them in their own environment, they are less stressed about the visit.
  • It allows the veterinarian to see the horse in their own environment, which can prove incredibly useful when trying to solve certain health issues. Some health issues that can arise in horses and other pets require a bit of deductive reasoning in order to resolve, and this can be more easily accomplished when the veterinarian can see your horse in their normal environment.
  • It provides you with the opportunity to develop a more personal relationship with your veterinarian. House and farm calls allow for more socialization between you and your veterinarian, which can help you to experience a more personal relationship that everyone profits from.

What to Expect with House and Farm Calls

As much as possible, we try hard to stick to our daily schedule so that we can remain on-time to all appointments. However, unscheduled events and emergencies can come up at any time and affect our schedule. Because of this, we can call or text you when we are on our way and give you an estimated time of arrival. You can go about your normal daily activities until you hear from us so that if we do happen to be running late, or even have to reschedule, it does not dramatically affect your day’s plans. You can wait until you hear from us to have your horse haltered and in the barn, ready for examination. Please understand that if you have additional horses that need to be seen you should call ahead to schedule appointments for them as well in order to ensure slots of time are made available to them. Otherwise, their appointments may have to wait until another day.

For more information about house and farm calls, or to schedule your house or farm call, contact La Crosse today.